Welcome to the online home of Biomechanical, here you will gain insight into Biomechanical’s philosophies and goings on as well as the services we offer.

Biomechanical exists to be the best all-encompassing personal coaching service available. We live in a day and age where we unfortunately no longer value or prioritize our health and wellbeing for a multitude of reasons. It is vital that we learn to re-prioritise ourselves, invest some time and reap the rewards under the guise that strength and movement does not have to be your highest priority, but it certainly should rank highly. The gym should not be a destination of personal significance and validation but more of a pit stop to re-energise and re-connect and recalibrate the compass.

Biomechanical coaches provide a very comprehensive service inside and outside of the gym. Our clients move with grace, understand the basics of bodywork and self-care, nourishment and with the integration of technology will be accurately monitoring sleep, stress, mental wellbeing and mindfulness. We respect your decision to prioritize your health but encourage you to look outside the square and not allow it to consume you or your life and become your identity as an individual.

Ultimately our vision is to help facilitate ANYBODY that understands this message to become the best version of themselves by having a greater autonomic awareness of self and by doing things less or slightly differently and achieving more.


Your Journey

Your journey begins with a series of questionnaires to assess your current physical, emotional and mental condition. These can all be done via our website. and the results can often be confronting but accurate. After you have completed your questionnaires, we will review them and contact with you to set-up a comprehensive movement-based assessment and or strength testing session.

After your movement or strength assessment, we will design a customised exercise program based on both your assessment and submitted questionnaires. This program will enable you to firstly restore optimal health and vitality, address any pain you are experiencing, focus on the underlying cause of these dysfunctions and restore movement. Then we get straight to work on work on making you Strong and Resilient. Exercise programs generally consist of corrective stretches along with resistance-based exercises & perhaps cardio training, depending on your needs and wants.

You will receive an easy-to-follow detailed description of your exercise program, including acute variables such as Rest, Tempo, Intensity, Duration, Repetitions and Sets. This information along with video clips of each of your exercises is all available for you to view via our app.

For those that have require that little bit of extra attention. Biomechanical’s head trainer Nick also offers Fascial Stretch Therapy, An innovative system out of the Stretch To Win Institute (Arizona, USA) that aligns the body and is virtually pain free.


Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy, also called FST, is an innovative system of manual techniques and training used on clients and patients by certified professionals that can rapidly eliminate pain, improve mobility, restore impaired function and enhance both athletic performance and recovery.

Movements unique to FST will strengthen, lengthen and comprehensively balance your entire body. The brain and body are re-educated when neurological receptors called mechanoreceptors are stimulated because the majority of them are located throughout fascial tissue, which is the primary target of FST

Benefits of FST

The following are major FST benefits to clients are all commonly accomplished within 1-3 sessions:

·      Rapid, effective pain relief

·      Stress relief

·      Rapid strength and mobility improvement

·      Major functional ability change

·      Sleep quality improvement

·      Relief of many joint impingement syndromes

·      Improved flexibility and speed in athletes




Fitness Fundamentals is an introductory service that is designed to fast track an individuals gym based exercise experience and cut through a lot of the lies and dogma that crowds the fitness industry.



FST, is an innovative system of manual techniques and training used to rapidly eliminate pain & improve mobility. Movements unique to FST will lengthen and comprehensively balance your entire body.



For those that need or prefer extra attention.The journey begins with a comprehensive Health & Movement Assessment and progresses to an individualized prescription leading into Semi-Private coaching.



For those more confident In the gym environment and eager to be more autonomous in their journey we offer Semi-Private sessions with individuals of similar fitness levels and abilities.





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